Another great interview with the brilliant Pulitzer winning investigative journalist Bob Woodward. What really caught my attention in this interview is how we summed up the main take away from his new book about Trump “Fear” which is this; “A War on Truth”. Come to think of it this is exactly what we’ve been facing since 2016 whether it involves Russian interference/influence in elections/referendums, the Trump administration and it’s national, foreign and environmental policy, the alt-right movement sweeping across Europe. It’s not about a different set of data points that show other facts it is actually lying about facts which translates to this War on Truth. That’s exactly what we’re up against and the only way to win this war is to remain focused on facts, uncover more of them and equally important demonstrating unwavering commitment to facts wherever they lead; a value we need to find better ways to instil onto the new generation so that they themselves can avoid dealing with this moral mess in their future.

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