It is heartening to see the EU will no longer tolerate members undermining the core values of the organisation by following the Russian Playbook that is currently in full swing in the Middle East including;

  1. Laws suffocating the free press, and measures to control media through cheap loans for government proxies (businessmen) to buy the media scene
  2. Politicising the Judiciary 
  3. Demonising Nongovernmental Organisations   
  4. Building a powerful inner circle of oligarchs (straw men) – sometimes using the military establishment itself to maintain control.
  5. Increasing dependency on Russia through projects and/or loans like for building nuclear plants  

(*) Come to think of it it’s actually quite amusing to see European right-wing governments using the same playbook used in the Middle East where many are now fleeing their country as immigrants in search for a better life in the West thanks to wars, worsening economic outlook and dismal human rights record.  

The EU is not a club for members there just to pay a fee, it is about protecting/promoting Democratic values that have the shaped the creation/evolution of the EU. For the EU to be unable to protect these values simply translates to it’s demise pure & simple. We also know for a fact that the alt-right – similar to Trump & Partners at the other side of the Atlantic – uses Immigration as a convenient fear factor merely to garner support while providing no pragmatic vision on policy at the National or International level. Trump is indeed the embodiment of what the alt-right is all about, plenty of stinking air with no substance. We really need to turn the page on this myth about immigration and begin dealing with the reality of a global system that needs to be managed through global solutions because isolationism may serve/benefit a few while adversely affecting the majority. So the notion that Nationalism & Xenophobia is the ultimate solution to our ills is fiction used as convenient narrative to drive up support while it actual has the opposite effect – and dare I say you need to look no further the Trump land itself. Can we also talk BREXIT; OK will pass that one….for now!

What I would suggest to EU members/officials is that there needs to be more confidence of our Democratic Credentials & values – because despite of the fact that it continues to be a working progress – there is plenty to brag about in terms of achievements not just about the economics but equally important are achievements when it comes to human dignity and freedoms, so we have a record to show however imperfect it may be because it’s definitely better than having no record at all – unless of course we’re talking about the broken record that is Covfefe 🙂


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