An incredible exchange in Congress between Republican Congressman Trey Gowdy and FBI agent Peter Strzok  – needs to be watched till the end when agent Strzok responds to Trey Gowdy’s assertions about attempting to influence the Presidential elections. The key takeaway – in my judgement – is how politics is broken in the U.S. – and we feel  similar effects in the British Parliament. This is not about Democracy as some would like to believe – rather it’s about a corrosive form of politics that places party/special interests before country. It is no longer disagreements on policy but rather on core Democratic values & principles (ones we thought we’ve nailed down ages ago) – and no side can claim the moral high ground here. These are indeed difficult times for Democracy & Liberal values but I can only hope these experiences we’re facing now in the West become precious lessons that allow us all to reflect and make adjustments to our system of governance that strengthens/protects our core values (and clarifies them so that we’re all on the same page) to allow our Democracy to evolve rather than dissolve; it is battle in every sense of the word, one which we can’t afford to lose or delay and we need the leadership that can make this happen. 

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