The Trump visit going smoothly I see while Theresa May having her head pounded to the wall with his criticism about her approach towards BREXIT and his comments about PintPall Boris who would make an excellent PM – well I see Trump’s had a pint or 2+ himself. Now here’s the reality of the transaction; Theresa May looking for trade deals while Trump knows it and seeks validation at the world stage and why not also put his trademark spin on BREXIT. I am less interested in Covfefe himself and more interested on how far we’ll go as a nation to secure trade deals post BREXIT; if values don’t count, nor does a temperament/reputation of a leader count, nor does the voice of the majority count (pro & anti BREXIT) yet a semi-official visit goes ahead and more importantly the privilege of meeting the Queen moves forward mostly for a BREXIT transaction; what does that say about the trajectory of our reputation as a nation moving forward and we’re still in pre-BREXIT days. And forget NOT there are 2 factions within the Conservative party; those seeking softy BREXITY & those supporting hardy BREXITY who will undoubtedly have different approaches about post BREXITY Britain – another twist to a long story. As for meeting the Queen, and with all due respect to her majesty – this planned meeting has turned meeting the Queen of the United Kingdom from a Privilege/Recognition to a line item in a Transaction; I would encourage the Royal Family to re-assess how their actions can be more in line with that of the nation and the values we stand for – the least that can be expected. All in all another sad day in the history books for this great country. This is not about the United Stated as we know otherwise this would have been a proper official visit – this is about a controversial leader the likes of which we have never seen before. True leaders change but the reputation of a nation is more persistent & more damaging. 

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