In an interview today Theresa May talks about Trump’s advice to sue the EU. Now here’s the question no has ever thought of asking her – too technical 🙂 – what’s the point of putting this in the public domain at this stage of the negotiation? Is that Trump’s advice as well to help her negotiating position? Was she making fun of him? Is there a covered threat here by her own good thinking? The way she put it out there in the interview seems to me was quite deliberate to the extent that she wanted to do this interview to specifically make this revelation. Now does that make sense in whichever your pick is from the possible reasons above? To me it is not only Nonsense in the making it is actually Stupidity to a level I have not seen being exceeded except of course when we speak of the special case Covfefe; and yet this is the leader of our Great Britain; talk about “Accidental Manager” phenomenon when considering current problems with UK productivity, well we have similar issues at the highest level of politics too. Now where do go from there????

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