We understand politics ain’t always pretty – though this subject matter is becoming more toxic in this day/age due to poor leadership. Worse yet is when politics turns into transactional relationships (core values out of the window so to speak) – then you know we’re in a danger zone when you see how politics has been completely corrupted by financial incentives. Now take that a step further if you will when you see someone that represents the pride of a nation supposedly away from the politics of the day get involved in at the very least the perception of a post BREXIT political/commercial transaction which effectively – in my view – turns the Privilege/Recognition of meeting the Queen to a line item in a Transaction. Now I admit to know little about protocols – well I think I know more than Covfefe and that’s good enough for me – but as far as I gather perceptions are a big part of the rules they involve. As such I would be keen to understand the reason behind this meeting and whether the assumption about the meeting being a privilege & recognition is accurate. Equally important I would like to understand how such arranged meetings reflect on what we stand for as a nation in terms of core values at the most basic level – NOT even high level. This is not about the United Stated as we know otherwise this would have been a proper official visit nor is about meeting the head of government nor a question of allies/history – this is purely about a controversial leader the likes of which we have never seen before. True, leaders change but the reputation of a nation in standing up for it’s values irrespective of any form of political/economic transaction is a more persistent matter altogether.

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