As many people around the world are finally a few days away from taking a deep breath after a tumultuous 4 year term having an unstable child in charge of among others the nuclear code let me suggest that getting Trump & Inc. out of the White House will be largely meaningless without full accountability for the actions of Trump himself as well as his cronies prior, during and post the elections. This cannot be seen as a political lynching/score settling process but rather a purely legal independently driven process to achieve justice – there most certainly is a balance to be had but to impeach or invoke article 25 is a different matter altogether. What I am concerned about is the current media focus on prosecuting the perpetrators of the Capitol Hill carnage rather than the ones who provoked it both in the White House and in Congress; after all there would have been NO photos & mobile selfies taken inside Capitol Hill had there been no provocation from the politically privileged. The incoming U.S. administration has a big/complex issue to deal with from day one; unite the country while ensuring there is no perception of a 2-tiered justice system when dealing with high profile criminals because let me suggest that turning a page cannot be achieved without justice for all and with the same level of force of the law. In other words dealing prudently with this issue may become a defining moment for the Biden Presidency in much the same way that dealing with effects of the 2008 Financial Crash was for President Obama’s Presidency in 2008. Did I mention the Pandemic? Many challenges ahead for President-Elect Joe Biden & Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris and boy do I wish them well!

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