It’s true – Aviation is one of my passions and I would have loved to make a part-time career out of it – after Music/Photography & IT of course.  It is NOT really about the great technology behind aviation (though for me that is definitely a small part of it) but rather about what it takes to be a good pilot which include the following traits;

  • Discipline
  • Communication (Effective/Concise/To the Point – no roundabouts) 
  • Leadership (all about personal/professional integrity and striving to be a role model) 
  • Control (mental and emotional)
  • Adaptability (ability to face abrupt/disorderly changes with a cool mind)
  • Sharp Assessment/Response System (go by the book once control is achieved)
  • Responsibility (not taking chances without proper assessment/planning)
  • Staying in shape.

** I may have missed some but you get the point.

These are personality traits we should all strive to achieve at some level simply because they allow us to live a more pleasurable yet productive (complete)  lifestyle because once we get the hang of it we can then switch to autopilot at will. Wouldn’t it be great if our educational system was built around building a personality as part-and-parcel of the national curriculum so we can begin to develop true leaders of the future.

For now maybe it’s time to switch off from the daily hustle/bustle of life & the constant in-flow of information to focus squarely on ourselves and see if we can assess/develop our approach towards our own personal & business life in order to get more out of it but with less stress and more consistency so that we can make it a habit and run on autopilot mode at will knowing we’ll be just fine. Order is a key word here because it all starts by re-evaluating our priorities. You see in my opinion life is all about establishing context – so if we help develop the context ourselves rather than being run down by events we will likely have a much better chance to achieve success with much less of personal strain/price. Context is another keyword here because it gives us the big picture of ourselves rather than being consumed by the nitty-gritty challenges of our daily lives. As I also mention in my political posts the Big Picture is important when assessing if the nation is going in the right direction – here as well it the establishes Context for our personal development.  All the above results in the 1 single most important thing we need to achieve – Clarity of direction.

Just a thought for myself but possibly for others too.

Have a nice weekend 🙂

Take Care, Stay Safe & Respect Others Safety

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