I truly believe that the current US government should be left to their own devices when it comes to decisions of foreign policy & involvement in international bodies, this without much reaction. Some policies are driven by flawed ideology or accommodations to unfulfilled campaign pledges – in this case as an alternative for not moving U.S. embassy to Jerusalem – while others are shear efforts to divert attention from internal issues pertaining to the Russia investigations and reactions from abroad help them achieve that 2nd objective. It is also important to demonstrate in action that the United States is isolating itself and that it’s role can just as swiftly be filled by other players like the EU in partnership with other regional powers/organizations. In my mind there is now no alternative but for Europe to take the lead on this approach because U.S. reliability has been damaged and will take time to resurrect.

P.S. It kind of reminds me of President Obama’s comments about the time he came to power at the height of the financial crisis of 2008 when he said something along the lines of; “at the time we were busy putting out fires“. Well that’s probably the feeling of many – including WH staff – of what it’s like working with/for this administration; “Putting Out Fires” indeed! – they must have become professional firemen/women by now!

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