The ongoing BREXIT debate in parliament reveals truly the shocking levels of ignorance of some British MP’s particularly around basic concepts of democracy, transparency and oversight. The predominant view among BREXIT supporters is that the referendum was an overwhelming mandate by the British people to leave the EU. Well this is not entirely true, and here is why;

  1. We seem to be forgetting that this was indeed a very close result and millions of BRITS decided to remain in the EU. So I would suggest NOT to over-emphasize numbers who supported the Leave camp and ignore the numbers that supported to Remain in the EU as a gesture for promoting reality rather than virtuality.
  2. A mandate is NOT a blank check and requires oversight by parliament in the first instance to ensure expectations laid out in the referendum are met. This is really not rocket science, is it MP Nadine Dorries?? You really need to read more about the topics of Democracy/Oversight (not fairy tales) and ignore BREXIT debate until you\re gone through with your research-I can recommend a few books or web links.
  3. If there is no detailed plan for terms and/or if terms do not match mandate terms as articulated during the referendum campaign, well guess what, you do need to go back and ensure you do have the support of the British people because you now have a broken contract. In other words you don’t run with it-not a good image!

Now I can understand/respect Leavers who want the UK to leave the EU as a matter of principle irrespective of any consequences, but that was not what the referendum campaign was about and actually it is the responsibility of the winning side to demonstrate an unbiased approach in driving the process and making sure it is fair one to the entire country-fast tracking the process does not give that perception nor does accusing the opposite side as whiners .

I say all this and I know full well it probably will not change minds of many in the Leave side of the argument, but then what is more important is to demonstrate to the British people how the process is being rammed through parliament and hope that all responsible for this mess will be held accountable for spewing lies and not acting responsibly to ensure promises are kept in such a critical debate-one that is likely to affect the country for a long time to come.

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