For once I will talk of the U.S. elections while not talking about trump & inc. because we know them all by now – a family devoid of any form of basic decency/value base; so they are in every sense of the word quite irrelevant not only to the conversation here but once the dust settles I suspect also to future of the America we all know/expect to see very soon. So moving on swiftly in this post let me suggest that America cannot move on as swiftly/turn a page before ridding Congress from extremist politics that is destroying the country. We all know how far right the Republican party has become but reaching to the level of supporting – let’s say covfefe – in contesting the election and obstructing the transition process however futile the effort will prove to be – but merely supporting this effort should shock all Americans (left/right or center). Why? Well because irrespective of political orientation when you begin to feel there is a tendency in your main political system of people ready/willing and able to toy around with dictatorship governance models you should in theory know that you’re not only loosing your freedoms and values but you will end up losing your sense of security/unity and more importantly your sense of identity of what America has always stood for and defended around the world; a process that will end up shredding the historical foundation of the American exceptionalism – though I would prefer using the term exceptional record – as a beacon for freedom/liberty and way of life that’s been the bedrock of American soft power – the only unique power that America has to offer and has proved successful for decades. But American power/influence is not (should never be) a given but earned/continually reaffirmed otherwise the American model breaks down and the world will move on. So my message to Americans is this; indeed covfefe is irrelevant but what is relevant is holding your Congressmen/women to account when they endanger the NATIONAL interest for the sake of party/political interest – Divide & Rule has been the motto of dictatorship ideologies for centuries but this should never be the ideology driving America otherwise the entire country goes south. You dig??
Finally a word on American Exceptionalism; I believe this term in of itself is becoming a drag on the American psyche because it assumes that it is a unique unshakable American trait but it really isn’t and if in any doubt take a moment to feel the shaking going round. This is kind of philosophy behind nationalist tendencies and it doesn’t really conform with the reality nor rhyme with the good old saying; we’re only as good as our weakest link.
Hope this helps.

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