We’ve seen it all before but the shocking fact is that it was in the Middle East where corruption & authoritarianism thrive; once upon a time there was an Arab spring that went south trying to take dictators down so now is this the U.S. spring following the same trajectory? Now it seems that Middle East is influencing the U.S. governance model and possibly supplying the financial backing for the model. When watching mike pompeo gleefully suggest in a news conference today that the U.S. government is preparing to transition for the 2nd trump administration while we see most Republican congressman/women still backing trump in not conceding the election it feels surreal. But then again it is a good moment for Americans to realize the level of corruption that 4 years of trump produced (or more like uncovered) – so nothing to cheer/brag about at this stage – only hard work by good men/women to sort the mess left behind by the outgoing administration. I believe they know they will go swiftly but are keen to get some compromise from the new administration possibly regarding immunity for trump & inc. I hope these threats are taken seriously and legal action is swift to deal with them promptly while ensuring there is no hint of confusion within the Biden team and more importantly ensuring the public is clear about what’s going on – transparency/cool headedness are key because this administration as usual is keen on the panic & disinformation game so I hope that this time nobody (especially the media) plays along. I would also recommend the media to stop giving airtime to trump lackey’s because we all know pretty well by (I hope) that the above is precisely what they do and this would be their greatest opportunity.
Hope this helps.

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