This is simple/brief commentary/predictions on Trump’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel;

This in my view is by far the biggest US foreign policy blunder ever even eclipsing the decision to invade Iraq of 2003. Political ramifications will be swift and will not be restricted to the Middle East – and there will quite likely be violent reaction to this decision. But beyond these initial reactions this decision translates to diminished US influence in the region (and beyond) – thanks to cowboy politics that champions the tradition of “Act Now Think Later” –  this while putting at risk the stability of dictatorship colleagues of Trump in the region and the possibility of unraveling this long standing US support base which would translate to further regional instability.

More importantly this is yet another – but much more stark – episode of the foreign powers meddling in the Middle East that have in the past been the direct cause of conflict in the region and now exacerbating the effects of these conflicts rather than help resolving them. It is now for Europe (EU) to try and pick up the pieces and help rebalance the scale not just through rhetoric/posturing but by action in putting forth a vision for a process that actually helps end the conflict once and for all because the ultimate price of conflict in the region ends up at it’s shores/borders in the form of migration & terrorism.

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