Having watched the first segment of Rick Santorum comments defending Jared Kushner on Dana Bash show in the above clip it made me physically sick. So please all you CNNer’s & other liberal media out there STOP inviting Trump cronies on your shows. It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever because you/we know they’ll defend him until the cows come home-and by God I hope they do come home soon! They do not advance the argument and it makes more sense getting Republicans/Trump supporters who are known to provide balanced views-those are the one’s that need to be given more space on your shows so as to encourage balanced/honest debates and encourage public opinion to follow facts/truth rather than virtual reality and people of undisputed corrupted morals-I would’t want to have a thief advise me on securing my home. Media needs to play its key role in driving through this approach otherwise we’re all in trouble because facts/morals won’t mean much anymore; and believe me you’re part of the problem starting with time dedicated to Trump’s campaign coverage. So please make amends to help everyone focus on pursuing the facts NOT on sensationalist journalism/media secure in the knowledge that FOX news always has open gates for that kind of BS stuff.

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