One really can do nothing but praise this British government for the unprecedented levels of coordination on policy & messaging. I know some may complain the cabinet was a bit fluid in the first 2 years of the PM’s “rule”, but these things happen and it takes a bit of time to get organised. Today thankfully with over a year into the BREXIT negotiations we can see the results of the tremendous effort by the PM in keeping all in sync, and that’s important considering the “fix” we’re in; with Mr. Liam Fox International Trade Secretary suggesting a No deal Brexit is now more likely, while Theresa May insists she’s ‘confident’ she can secure good outcome. It’s so comforting to all of us – NOT the fear mongering few of course – to see this wonderful British government now making strides in effectively representing this “divided” country at this crucial phase of the negotiations. It kind of reminds me of something similar but I just can’t put my finger on it. OK, hold on, I think I am on to something; is this kind of similar to Covfefe’s stance on Russia as opposed to the views of his National Security team at a critical phase of the Mueller investigation? More importantly does this suggest perhaps – as I mentioned before – these 2 regimes are 2 faces of the same ideological/ethical coin? We know full well the coordination that went on between the BREXIT & Covfefe campaigns during the Referendum and the U.S Presidential election. Both certainly use the concept of shining objects for diversion; one by aggressive self-harm tweets :-), odd statements and overly optimistic foreign policy moves, while the other by having all parliament focus on details of the BREXIT nugget rather than the flawed process that got us there and continues to drive negotiations – thanks in big part to the genius of our politicians.

All in all interesting times….for now, right?

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