• Referendum Campaign driven by loose objectives based on false assumptions – [Checked]
  • Russian Meddling & Illegal BREXIT Campaign funding – [Checked] ✔
  • Triggering Article 50 with No Viable Plan/Strategy and no Accountability for deliberately taking this risk – [Checked] ✔
  • Country Divided & Non Inclusive Process with No Effective Parliamentary or Public Oversight on process or final deal to assess the real Cost/Benefit of BREXIT & Implementation Strategy. You mean (HIT & RUN tactics)? OK – [Checked] ✔
  • No Cost Analysis or Accountability for Economic/Political effects of prolonged negotiation due to loose/continued morphing definition of BREXIT – [Checked] 
  • No Clue on the Eventual/Aggregate Cost of BREXIT how/when it will be settled, who will likely be affected and a balance sheet to compare policy pre/post BREXIT – [Checked] 
  • Weak Negotiating Position due to Cabinet Shambles & Government keen to circumvent it’s weakened support base – [Checked] 
  • Negative Assessment on the effects of BREXIT Nationally and Negative or NO Assessment done at the local level; Economy/Industry, Funding, Regulations/Standards, Foreign Policy/Security. [Checked] 
  • No Clarity/Assessment on Cost/Complexity/Viability of Bureaucracy required to run complex implementation plans sketched out in latest white paper effectively trading Brussels Bureaucracy to (Brussels x Whitehall) to the power of x[Checked] ✔
  • No Clarity on Red Lines when Negotiating Trade Deals post BREXIT; immigration, regulations, protections and standards particularly related to industry, health and the environment [Checked] 
  • A weak national industrial base and a weakening services sector while also exiting our major trading block – which we actually helped shape/fund – translates to unsurpassed foreign influence on our economy & eventually our policy. So “taking back control” really translates to “passing forth control”  [Wrecked] ✔

At this point a pilot would probably ask you gently to read your own final rites before lift off.

OK, some will accuse us of fear mongering, but to be completely honest, yes we are fearful because of what actually see is happening LIVE, and do you know what’s the most fearful thing of all, it’s this;

If we allow this farce to continue the above list will represent a blue print of 21st “Democratic” Great Britain of ours, and what an achievement if this turns out to be the case particularly that it sets the path for us to share it’s continued evolution through influence (infolution if you like) with citizens of the world – those who have the cash/power to be part of it of course?



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