It’s truly incredible to see how politics is now being used to distort history either through Selective Facts or better yet Creative Facts. You’d be forgiven to think this only happens in places like the Middle East and it has and continues to happen to this day. What is mind boggling though is to see this actually happening in the United States – the so called Leader of the Free World (I am gradually coming to the conclusion that this ship may have sailed already). So let me just say that when the phenomenon of “Fake Reality” reaches the history books it translates to nothing less than destroying a nation; so when you think of wars causing physical and/or psychological destruction remember that even more powerful is destroying a nation through distorting it’s history and/or identity (and any other historical facts that may not relate to the nation for that matter)

The suggestion from this end is that we need to fiercely defend our history – black and white – because that’s the base through which we depend to evolve and without it there is nothing less than the demise of the nation. So we need to make sure that our Education system – and I might add the Environment – are “Off Limits” where Politics is concerned; but this means we need to have Laws that Protect & Penalise and which are Blind to Stature. More importantly we need to know our history and have the confidence and determination to defend it from any form of political meddling because we as a society are in fact the last line of defence, right?  

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