A long interview with Crime and Policing Minister Kit Malthouse about the economic crisis and the increased cost of living in Britain and the world in general. Very interesting questions by the Niall Patterson of SkyNews though many remained unanswered thanks to the genius of Sir Humphrey Appleby’s methodology of answering difficult questions by doing the rounds in a closed circle. Of course no one can blame the current economic crisis on politicians but then again all you need to know is some basic facts without evening wasting too much time on the interview itself;

  1. MPs awarded £2,200 pay rise as Britain faces cost of living squeeze
  2. In an interview Mr. Malthouse laments tricky energy bills rise on the same day MP’s got the increase. Thanks to this increase the salary of the MP is now over £115,824 / year

Now forget about the math involved and try to focus only on the logic of coming up with a salary increase for top tier employees – and not just any employees but Civil Servants would you believe – while the masters they serve at the lower end of the economic scale are being squeezed with their backs to the wall and the excuse given is unavoidable “National Economic Constraints”.

On the other hand it is quite difficult to blame these politicians simply because they’ve been conditioned by a corrupt system that puts self interest and duty to leader/party way before duty to country and fellow citizen. It’s the rotten soup they’ve been living in for quite a while and with our blessing.

The obvious question then becomes; does this corruption need to continue? The answer is not if we prevent it from continuing and that can only happen only if we’re prepared to take party badges out of the equation altogether and focus on reforming our political system incrementally but deliberately. Long term though we need a program to reform education in order to build true leaders of the future who abide by basic fundamental values/morals as well as understanding the true meaning of nation building and national interest.

Just a thought.

Let’s trash the rotten soup and take charge of the political kitchen once and for all 

First trash the psychological constraint of party badge and let’s begin the cleanup

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