As a sign of respect to Freedom of Information and for the sake of Transparency I would love to know which “brilliant” mind that came up with this idea of arranging an EU/China Summit while watching events & official statements unfold since the Russian invasion of Ukraine; particularly with the complete impotence of the EU/US response despite the longer term ramifications of such inaction. I am truly interested to know the name of that genius and better yet if I had an opportunity to assess his/her mental abilities. Hasn’t there been enough embarrassing meetings between western officials and Putin pre the Ukraine invasion where the only achievement they managed to have is getting their behind spanked in public humiliation in the press conferences arranged after these meetings. Has this become an addiction now? What, are they now trying to trick the Chinese leadership – thanks to their “success” with Putin – to adopt their views on Ukraine?  Here is the situation as it stands for possibly the 10th time on this website;

  1. The EU/West have failed to appreciate the importance in forcefully defending common values/interests in Ukraine and how it will affect their influence in protecting/adapting the existing world order. Now it’s simply much too late but to accept this reality and build on from there otherwise the damage continues because the fundamental strategic flaws still form the insecure foundation of the alliance. In fact one can reasonably argue that favouring economic security/military neutrality over protecting values will in fact prolong economic insecurity and further produce security vulnerabilities in Europe and beyond where strategies of the powers will be more openly contested.
  2. As mentioned in previous posts we are now full gear into a new era of a fragile world order based entirely on ideological biases/interests. Nations now are hedging their bets on which world power to follow based on national interests and the ability/track record of world powers in protecting allies in action not rhetoric.
  3. With all this pointless political manoeuvring it seems to me that the EU & the West are the only ones who do not actually see how totally exposed their political cards are and this in of itself serves our adversaries well in not missing a beat to demonstrate the irrelevance of the western alliance in this conflict something they use well into the future to build the foundation of their own version of World Order.

The west now needs less media rhetoric, PR stunts and useless negotiations and spend more quality time to come up with a new strategy in facing up to a fast changing world. I don’t really much care how such a process could start and whether it might begin by two or more western nations developing a new vision for the future of the western alliance. The important thing is the recognition of 2 fundamental facts;

  • The western alliance in its current incarnation is unviable/unsustainable and a waste of time/resources.
  • Defending values (while adapting them to reflect future demands) is the corner stone of any alliance. Economic prosperity/development has to be guided/tempered by such values otherwise the alliance will be diluted in format/influence as experience has proven beyond a shadow of doubt.

There is indeed plenty to do and indeed plenty to avoid wasting time on because time is a luxury in these circumstances so I can only hope that someone with influence can take the initiative to change direction and begin cutting corners so as to start redefining a new solid/viable alliance where all members are in it for the right reasons, more focused on duties rather than short term benefits which materialise with time when the project finally proves its worth. I sure hope Britain can become a key part of such an alliance once the child running the country is told in no uncertain terms by the public to stay in his own home, and possibly run a local pub or something.

Just a thought!

The War of Ideologies Can Prove More Dangerous/Destabilising/Costly Than Armed Conflicts In Time & Damages

We Need to be Selective About the Conflicts Worth Forcefully Contesting and I Suspect the Ukraine Conflict of 2022 will come under the Column A Lesson from History In Supporting this Thesis

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