Theresa May’s once again tries to sway hardliners to accept her approach of “My Deal or No Deal” BREXIT strategy before a vote on extending article 50. Yes, it is shameful and disgusting politics but again these are not new revelations we just discovered about Theresa May and the muppets around her. Her strategy after falling on her face as many times in parliament is quite lame; blame the EU, then Parliament – or a passing by pedestrian if possible – and take absolutely no responsibility for the flawed process she engineered to get us here. I truly hope/expect that she and her muppets are personally held accountable once this BREXIT saga is over.

As for the way forward and if I had a choice it would be 1 of 2 and in order of preference; a) A People’s Vote on the existing deal with In/Out as the outcome for the vote – as mentioned previously this is the Democratic way to set some direction when politics is broken b) A default No-Deal BREXIT. in both cases I would be betting on the following outcome of these 2 paths;

  1. A reality check to differentiate fact from fiction once and for all with regards to our relationship with the EU; this needs to happen quickly because it also affects on our identity/role in an ever growing complex world we live in.
  2. Full accountability for the charlatans leading this country in the 2 main political parties as well as “The Man with the Union Jack Socks” – you know who you are and others who have been following my blogs.
  3. A new stream of young leaders in all parties taking control of their future and moving in the direction they choose based a new approach to doing politics in this country; we desperately need fresh minds with fresh ideas and confidence is key to make this happen. This country has plenty of talent/ingenuity to use/share with our partners – and ideologically driven politics is holding us back. We need pragmatic politics that is based on fact and within the context of wide angle rather than a constrained macro scope of a changing global landscape.

The only hope I have if we do crash out that – and if we do so choose – that the EU would allow us a fast track back into the organisation. I am quite confident as I mentioned in previous posts that our destiny will eventually merge and the sooner we hit the reset – though I am hoping not to waste time by pressing this button at all – the quicker this will happen.

As for the option of extending article 50; do we actually believe that in a broken parliament and a divided country this would account for much however number of tweaks are made in the 11th hour – without public debate/approval? This is not the way to resolve such a consequential issue and we all know it – it’s just that our bias that is feeding off this broken political system is getting in the way. This nugget will not be resolved by being dragged to the end line, so lets stop wasting time and get real about it. The EU’s negotiating team also needs to get real as mentioned in previous post about it’s negotiating tactics/strategy if they are genuine about laying this subject to rest permanently rather than this ongoing headache, again something I mentioned many posts ago cause it doesn’t take a genius to make this prediction, just some common sense.

Finally just to say that BREXIT as a process has done nothing but undermine this country at so many different levels as well as it’s standing in the world. Disgusting politics led by disgusting politicians have been the sole contributors to where we are now. We really need to bin them – the one’s responsible on all sides – as only the first step of a long recovery process and the sooner it starts the better for us all.

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