Disappointment all round in the EU with regards the British parliament’s decision not to support the latest tweak of the BREXIT agreement. This feeling of Disappointment/Frustration is certainly understandable insofar as the amount of efforts/resources to get this far in the process. On the other hand when one negotiating party can see (in Crystal Clear mode) that the other party does not have sufficient support/legitimacy to conduct such negotiations – particularly after phase 1 of the talks – this should have triggered a review of the viability of negotiations when the objective merely becomes getting to the finish line. If this is the perception of a successful negotiation in the EU, well let me surprise you; you’re in for a rough ride even if you manage to reach that end line. In other words securing a deal on the back of a flawed process that has NOT resolved an internal debate within the UK about leaving the EU translates to a flimsy agreement that is unlikely to hold ground – so there ain’t nothing “secure” about that deal; that is if we can call it a “deal” at all.

As for the possibility of an Article 50 extension – and after this long useless ride – there needs to be validation as to where this is supposed to lead and whether the end game would indeed secure a permanent resolution to the internal debate with the support of the public; in fact some in the Labour party like Hillary Ben suggesting using that time to devise/review a new deal with the EU – crazy stuff. One other thing I need to mention here which is this; it is indeed mind-boggling to me that the EU has yet to voice any level of concern on how the British public are intentionally being sidelined from this debate considering how vocal the EU has when criticising what they see as a trend towards Illiberal Democracy within member states like Poland & Hungary while standing up for Democratic/Liberal values.

So I guess BREXIT should be a learning curve not just of the UK but equally for the EU particularly with the lesson of; How Not to Conduct Negotiations. But buckle up – we ain’t through just yet!

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