It was extraordinary to me watching the debates in Parliament today about the latest BREXIT deal. Very passionate debate from all sides with quite complex issues raised – quite exciting. But suddenly I woke up to discover that we’re NOT at the pre-triggering article 50 stage no we’re actually 2 years later/just 17 days away from exiting the EU. We’re actually watching Politics as Usual play out at the 11th hour. If people are honest about it whatever your views are on BREXIT we must agree this is not the way to exit a door let alone a consequential decision like this. Yes it is hard NOT to position your politics on anything but political bias these sad days particularly when feeding off an utterly broken system/Parliament; but then it’s also about your perception of Democracy and if anything BREXIT certainly uncovered quite a bit of deficiencies in that department – but that’s another story altogether.

As I suggested before we need to put a vote to the people and if the decision is confirmed by the public to support this latest deal we should extend Article 50 for as long as we can so as to set our house in order in preparing for D day while uniting the country behind a coalition government or at least a new uniting leadership probably post a general election; for Labour MP Hilary Benn and others to suggest that the extension would be used to debate another version of BREXIT is ludicrous in every sense of the word! We can revisit this topic but this is definitely NOT the time to do that and no one should assume that if we decide to Remain for now this translates to burying the topic; it’s about debate, timing and preparation – a “Process” get it wrong and all else follows through. That for me is the only way that makes sense to get out of this BREXIT mess because sidelining the electorate at this time will not solve this issue irrespective of politicians effort to ram decisions down the pike. In other words the country cannot go into BREXIT with a 50% split in opinion. This is precisely why BREXIT is more about an internal debate that has yet to be resolved than it is about a negotiation process with the EU, so lets STOP blaming the EU for the deficiencies within our political eco system led by the most incompetent “leader” this country has ever seen. So let’s get on with it to end this self-inflicted humiliating mess.

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