With all the recent talk about racism whether against Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex or even Barack Obama among many others – just speaking celebrities of course – I just recently came across this great classic movie produced in 1968 starring 2 of the best Hollywood actors; Sidney Poitier and Rod Steiger. The minute I saw this short clip on Youtube I was determined to get the DVD to watch the whole film; and I was not disappointed. Strange when you consider how far we thought we were in terms of defeating racism when in actual fact we’re not that far off from these sad times. But then again that’s OK because at least we know where we need to be in this struggle so that we can start by breaking that endless cycle and begin moving forward; a concept that applies to many other political & social issues we face in this day-and-age. All it takes is to spend more time focusing on Family/Community and Education rather than being overly pre-occupied by consumption & subjective/narrow benefits. Right, enough of this philosophical mumbo jumbo and just enjoy the clip!

And here Rod Steiger Salutes Sidney Poitier at AFI Life Achievement Award;

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