Theresa May seems to be leading a blame game with the EU in seeking compromise on the Irish backstop. The reality though is that Theresa May is not/has never been leading anything – but rather following the guidelines of the Conservative BREXITEER clan. Her main and only ambition is remaining as PM what ever it takes and whoever ultimately pays the price for the mess she created. So when talking Ideology or Leadership please do not make the mistake of confusing this with Theresa May. So in a sense the EU has been negotiating with the BREXTEER clan that have hijacked the country for the last couple of years. There is no fundamental difference in the perception of the EU between the so called hardliners and rest of the BREXITEER clan except to the extent that the non-hardliners are keen to “have the cake and eat it” – they have no interest beyond their own self-interest of the EU giving them a pass to secure anything short of a crash which is a scary proposition for their own future because they themselves created this vulnerability.

If the EU does indeed apply some changes to give the BREXITEERs a pass well, they’ll be in for a tough ride internally when it comes to protecting the integrity of the EU as an economic/political block . So the hope from this end is for the EU to hold ground and not concede to these pressures, because my bet – and I am certain of it – is on a change of course in the British position in the very near future when members of the political BREXITEER clan (visible & hidden) begin to realise that with current trajectory “Accountability” is just around the corner when (NOT if) things go wrong – and there won’t be a place to hide or political shield to take the heat/blame.

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