A very interesting interview conducted by Tim Sebastian aired on DW with Belgian MEP Philippe Lamberts. Obviously quite a few issues Tim raised about the EU’s handling of the Irish backstop – but with a due respect Tim what you seem to have missed is the British governments disastrous handling of BREXIT from the outset. And now what do we do; just play the blame game with EU and hope for the best. Really? Is that the same EU BREXITEER’s continue bashing as if exiting the EU is so important for us to regain our identity/sovereignty – yet here we are close to the edge trying to sort out a deal with them at any cost because there is a recognition late in the game as it may be that BREXIT is likely to hurt us much more that it will the EU – and if that wasn’t bad enough we’re negotiating with an utter fiasco of a government. It is true that the EU has to choose from the best of bad choices, but then again these bad choices is what the current British government itself delivered in the way they approached BREXIT and to blame the EU for focusing on protecting their interest is – putting it mildly – plainly stupid. As for Tim’s comment about Democracy being “messy”, let me just ask; what the hell are you talking about? Which Democracy?

  • Do you mean Democracy as in when Theresa May choose to ignore loosing parliamentary majority to make amends and be inclusive in her approach towards BREXIT?
  • Or is the Democracy we’re talking about the one that allowed the current government to trigger Article 50 with no viable plan and putting our country at risk not to mention the squandering of tremendous resources we have yet to calculate?
  • Or may be you mean Democracy as in when the current government refuses to put the current agreement to a public vote – even despite recent defeats in Parliament on multiple motions? Could it be that it’s because they believe it could get “messy”?

The reality Tim is that it’s an utter travesty that after over 40 years of EU membership where we championed Democratic/Liberal values, here we are with a government not wasting any effort to subvert the course of basics Democratic principles by taking every curve to avoid a People’s Vote. In other words if this British government’s approach is consistent with what you term as “Democracy” then let me please make a friendly suggestion to you, Tim; how about if you kindly stop lecturing on Democracy and may be consider covering football instead; how about that? Which team do you support in the Premier League?

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