With the latest episode of shambolic developments in Parliament where Labour “alternative” BREXIT deal was rejected by the government and they are now signalling “potential” support to a motion calling for a People’s Vote the question then becomes this; if we are to continue membership in the EU by default – either through a People’s Vote or some other twist to the tale – this when leadership in both major political parties are in favour of some form of BREXIT, where would that put our credibility in continuing as members of the EU. In other words we will continue to the weakest link in the EU and it seems this awkward partnership with the EU will continue whether we’re In or Out. The only hope, which I mention in previous posts is for a new/pragmatic leadership to emerge out of this BREXIT chaos and set a long term direction for the country on this issue moving forward; one based on National Interest – NOT Nationalist Vision – and one that it is inline with our shared values & destiny with the EU. This is precisely why I encouraged the Liberal Democrats a while ago post the commencement of BREXIT negotiations – and as a member of the party through correspondence which has gone unanswered by the way – to lead with other parties in parallel negotiation with the EU to establish viability for an alternate path/agreement to help resolve thorny issues that emerged out of the BREXIT referendum; kind of what Corbyn has been doing recently but with the view for continued membership rather than a leaner BREXIT. I suspect that if we are serious about continuing our membership within the EU resolving these issues should be a priority but so should be our demonstrable commitment to the organisation because there is plenty of threats out there that we’re not currently focusing on; some of which have been exposed by this BREXIT twilight  zone we’ve been living in for that last few years.

Finally let me say this about this unanswered correspondence I mention above – though nothing I lost much sleep over but it does come with a point; over the last couple of years I have sent quite a few bits of correspondence to leaders – lets say within the political establishment of this country – with propositions on the path forward with BREXIT – something I feel tremendously passionate about particularly where most of my predictions have materialised. Now irrespective of the seriousness of these propositions or how well they’ve been articulated you’d think some of these “leaders” would have the courtesy to respond directly to this correspondence however short/sweet they may be – but the fact is non showed this courtesy. On the other hand I have recently sent correspondence to a major EU lead participating in the BREXIT negotiations with my views on recent EU developments on the topic – though I will not mention the name for obvious reasons – and guess what happened; that’s right he actually responded directly to my communication and in detail. This fact in of itself does say something about our politics/democratic values we tend to brag about in this United Kingdom of ours, does it not? You see, the one thing I am totally clear about is this; irrespective of where you align yourself on BREXIT and your political affiliation – in these dangerous times we live in we need politicians who are more of activists and are keen to be innovative/bold/competent in the way they do politics while defending our Liberal values and Identity aggressively, confidently but also fairly. Unlike Theresa May which I consider the 2nd most controversial figure after Donald Trump – sorry I would NOT categorise either of them as leaders – we need politicians who are keen to listen to both the young and the old – not criticise schoolchildren protesting against looming climate disaster for wasting lesson time – encourage not suppress debate and be the true voice of the majority leading by example as a non-partisan politician; non of the abilities of which apply to any of Mrs. May’s “strong points” and the leader of the opposition is no different but rather from the same old mould. So let’s begin to build on the hard earned lessons of the last couple of years – starting by avoiding at all costs accidental and/or experimental leaders – because we have a steep mountain to climb so lets make it even steeper.

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