So I was right, the Corbyn approach now revealed – the 2nd Referendum plea is designed primarily to pressure Theresa May to allow Labour a place on the table in defining a modified BREXIT deal – so that the Labour table expands to include more options 🙂 And as I mentioned in the previous post delaying article 50 is the last ditch attempt to save BREXIT from a People’s Vote; now there’s a working progress model of Democracy for ya! In a way I believe hardline BREXITEERs are more aligned to their cause by calling for a no-deal BREXIT – irresponsible as it may be – rather than the hypocrites who know full well the importance of the partnership with the EU and yet continue to call for BREXIT without giving the people their legitimate right to vote on the deal and on our terms of course 🙁 So expect further delays and more uncertainties down the pike with these 2 political charlatans in charge of the country. However if this delay can translate to a top-down political transformation in both parties – and possibly beyond – to get new/young leadership to take charge coupled with a pragmatic vision forward that includes a People’s Vote on any deal – it may well be a pill worth swallowing. We just really need to get over this EU relationship nugget once and for all cause we have a lot more nuggets that require urgent attention staring with the recovery of this BREXIT process mess and the accountability that should follow.

The reality is – as I mentioned in previous post – BREXIT has got absolutely nothing to do with our EU partners and more to do with internal conflicts of identity in a changing socio-economic landscape coupled with a lack of confidence that drives us to look inwards than develop our outward vision/approach and strategy. This despite the multicultural/multiethnic fabric of this country; the problem is that by and large this fabric is not reflected proportionately in our governance structure/model making it more of a loose fabric rather than a fully integrated one; this is in a nutshell part of the problem that led to BREXIT and unless we face it head on it will continue to cause us grief at every junction of our development as a nation.

With all that said and despite what may seem to be excessive criticism to our approach as a nation, I truly have tremendous confidence in our ability to come through these difficult times and in the tremendous talent we have in the new generation I am certain will set the record straight for our country in the very near future and it’s starting to happen with things like Climate Change. So buckle up for interesting times ahead, because the 1 thing I believe – though we should not be complacent in releasing pressure to ensure our vote is heard on any deal – politicians love of power and fear of accountability may well save the day from the BREXIT nightmare. But then again our nightmare continues so long as Theresa May is No. 10 and now she longs to extend the Stay – No Theresa May Not if I had any Say, You see you’re just too competent for your Role so I hope at some point in the very near future you Roll Away, this will definitely mark the start of Britain’s Heyday.

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