Plenty to read in the media about this bizarre sacking-not the first but certainly the most consequential-of FBI Director James Comey. Suspicions of timing & intent are quite clear but here other angles to consider;

1. In his letter to FBI Director James Comey Trump applies his signature approach of passing the buck on this decision to someone else in this case advice from the Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein as well as Attorney General Jeff Sessions (someone who has recused himself from all issues pertaining to Trump/Russia investigations including ones the FBI is currently conducting).
2. It seems to me that the intent to fire James Comey – for one reason or another – has always been there particularly that he is seen by many as independent and not liable to influence by the Trump administration (or gang). Having failed to nail him down with multiple congressional hearings Trump finally decided that the only way to get rid of Comey was to use a storyline that is not credible (some would say ultimately ‘stupid’) based on events that took place months ago with which he was praised for by Trump himself; closing the case of Hillary Clinton’s emails in July 2016 without prosecution.
3. The approach taken by Trump in firing Director Comey follows a serious pattern that demonstrates that Trump is not interested in following political/legal precedent or abiding by any standards of governance but rather keen on strict personal (not even partisan) interests even if these happen to be purely reactionary decisions. If these are not signs of a healthy dictatorship running the White House I don’t see what is; this to me is the most troubling. During the debates on health care and the investigation into Russian hacking politicians on both sides continue to suggest debating these issues should NOT be about partisan politics. But let me tell you this; beyond specific policy matters there is nothing more critical to any democratic state than the approach/style of governance particularly by the executive branch of government. What we see in the United States today is on par with what we see in autocratic regimes in the Middle East and beyond and will have lasting ramifications on U.S reputation; something that U.S politicians/leaders have taken decades to build since WWII when the US assumed a leadership role as a beacon for Democracy & Liberal values. Granted the US has not always been successful in effectively upholding these values/traditions particularly when it relates to foreign policy but in the case of current administration this marks a reversal to everything the US stood for where governance is concerned. It seems that at this day and age Europe will have to fill the gap and assume the leadership in this direction as the U.S seems to have lost its sense of equilibrium with this new administration.

The only way out of this mess is to ensure bipartisan support-now more than ever-for an independent/thorough investigation into Trump’s links with Russia. So I hope US politicians (and indeed the entire country irrespective of political affiliation) step up to this challenge that may end up having far reaching implications on America and its role in the world; yes ramifications are that profound.

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