Great result for France, for Europe and for values of Liberal Democracy. That said this effort cannot be over until voices of isolationism, nationalism and racism are reversed through debate and sound policies. I truly hope that politicians across Europe don’t become complacent with the results in Holland and now France. As mentioned previously in the previous blog written after results of the first round (link below) a win should mark the beginning and NOT the end of a sustained/focused effort to reverse the trend of the rise of the ultra right in Europe. We have seen what is at stake and it is for us to push away politicians who stand in the way of pragmatic changes needed in this direction; people power is key in achieving such change. So all in all people do need to celebrate and enjoy the moment, but swiftly get in line for other political battles ahead.

Finally, just to say Congratulations Mr. Macron; you are indeed an example of the new blood the political systems throughout the world need at this day and age. I certainly hope that this trend of new/young political leaders trickles to all corners of the Earth because they are the ones with most at to gain or loose in shaping the future for the new world order.

PS: With Macron’s speech at the Louvre tonight I felt the enthusiasm/hope after Barack Obama’s speech post his election in 2009. 

French Elections: Great Result for Macron

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