A great result for Emmanuel Macron who is a recent comer to the world of politics since 2012. Centrist politics I believe will win the day throughout Europe and that is far better that the narrow ideology of the ultra-right. More importantly we do need new blood in the political scene, people with both energy and vision that are keen to shape the future because they’re part of it and have a big stake in getting it right; they also need to have the courage to inject new blood into their administration. All that said and even if Macron wins the election which I truly hope he does, there needs to be a recognition that the extreme right has been left to gain too much ground largely based an ideology that relies on fear mongering to provoke racial discourse/xenophobic tendencies and their ultimate solution to all is triple locking gates; this is a situation that needs to be addressed/reversed and it’s the duty of all political parties on the centre and left to take this as a core responsibility. There needs to be a serious effort to demonstrate the extent to which our world has changed in the last few decades and how this directly impacts our approach in solving issues; we cannot build expectations divorced from the reality we live in, particularly the reality of Globalization, Multiculturalism and Interconnectivity – as such the focus should be on perfecting the system to make it work for all. So to sum up the game won’t be over with a win but rather with a consistent strategy/approach in rooting out extremist ideology from politics and we all have a stake in this; this is after all an ideology that should been dead/buried with the past post WWII.

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