Parliament just shot down a motion for a People Vote with an astounding majority of 85 to 334. Of course we know the Conservative position on this, but Labour is another story altogether; remember this “All Options on the Table” slogan, it turns out even tables change and they seem to have a big stock of enormously sized tables in all shapes/forms in the Labour HQ storage area-they must have plenty of space out there considering the fact they also need quite a few number of chairs as well primarily involved in doing politics. We can make fun of all this – at least to let the steam out – but let’s get serious; where in the world would you see parliament in a western Democracy wilfully do all possible to sideline the electorate on such a consequential vote? In actual fact that’s the only thing this is all about. Can you imagine if something like this happened in France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands….? No, I don’t see it which explains a great deal about the system of governance we have in this Great Britain of ours and BREXIT is just unveiling it in it’s full “glory”. It is shameful/disgusting to watch politicians take every curve possible as an excuse to sideline the public on this important issue; I just watch these continued shambles unfolding in disbelief that these are the parliamentarians supposedly representing the nation. One example was an interview with quite a young Conservative MP Matt Hancock on BBC who you would think would be more progressive/pragmatic in his views about BREXIT but sadly he follows party line in the “get on with it” approach towards BREXIT – that much he learned – which suggests to me that we’re actually developing a generation of policy followers not leaders keen to defend our Democracy. It is another sad for this country which has now become a pattern.

I mentioned before that unless the public is willing to defend their right to have a final say – irrespective of views on BREXIT – we may well have earned the right for a long/rough ride in the search for our stolen Democracy with a nation in peril. And if this is indeed our choice to take this rough path, it may well be true that we ain’t ready yet to be part of the EU when our Democratic values/credentials have been distorted beyond recognition and that’s NOT what the EU needs in these critical/dangerous times we live in today.

I fear my friends that we should not expect to be humbled as a nation post BREXIT – oh I am so sorry that ship has already sailed pre-BREXIT. This in a nutshell is the real story behind BREXIT; a humiliating process that began with a pack of lies – with the help of internal/external power brokers – then expectations morphed into something different than was originally promised and the final cherry on the cake manifested by a sting like operation to suppress the right of the people in terms of transparency and having a final say.

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