A great Channel 4 report on the Deal of all Deals for a reality check and somehow we seem to be strolling along. I won’t go into the details because you can watch the clip for yourselves. For me what I’d like to focus (or refocus as I mentioned it in previous posts) is the question of Accountability because this is the fundamental issue we face today with BREXIT and if we can’t fix this nugget we’ll likely face similar issues down the road. In other words what are the consequences for political elites when it comes to;

  • Disinformation whether – deliberate or otherwise
  • Incompetence particularly when it results in squandering billions of pounds worth of resources
  • Sleaze when it comes to subverting Democratic processes to achieve purely political/ideological ends.

This is certainly not the way Democracy was designed to work but these things happen when the political system becomes broken and it most certainly is right now. The idea that Parliament has the capacity to address this issue through internal mechanisms to achieve oversight is fiction because parliament in these situations is part of the problem. It is also impractical having to wait for a new government that may be able to make amends and possibly trigger a process of accountability because then the damage would have already been done.

We truly need to have a serious debate on this critical issue and consider options including the creation of an independent body that – in limited situations such as the one we’re experiencing now – is able to proactively use it’s own authority to kick-in and make judgements and take measures to help protect our Democracy and our Country from political “Opportunism” while ensuring the British people ultimately have the last word.

What do you think?

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