BREXIT is truly a story of zero options. The UK Labour is for all intents and purposes a support mechanism the Conservative/BREXIT party with a useless leader who provides no viable alternative and I suspect prefers for the Conservative be the face of BREXIT because he has or believes in no viably different approach to the Conservative agenda – so just happy barking from the sidelines for the camera. As for the Liberal Democrats and I am sorry to say this as I was once a member – they’ve never had the kind of inspiring leadership that is able to effectively represent  Remainer’s and those Brexiteers that now see the light and present a solid case for challenging the BREXIT decision or at the very least opt for much closer ties with the EU moving forward and salvaging the partnership with allies/friends that lasted decades. So cut the story short; BREXIT is less about vision and more about the sloppy performance of leading British parties who have let the country down so miserably and consistently. The continuing economic/political demise of British stature is NOT inevitable and can be reversed pretty swiftly but requires someone that is able to provide a viable alternative while uniting/leading the country towards a better path since we’ve seen since 2016. It may well be that a new political party is necessary – but we need urgent action because time can only make things worse. There comes a point in the history of nations where political stability (status quo)  is a recipe for disaster – in BREXIT Britain this is precisely that moment.

Take Care, Stay Safe & Respect Others Safety

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