Frost will likely reiterate the threat of triggering Article 16 to suspend the Northern Ireland Protocol if they are not happy with the EU’s solutions. Of course no wants the worsening of discourse/animosity in UK – EU relations from near or far and as a Brit I stand firmly with this approach. However I also believe – despite the fact that like many I know little of the internals of these negotiations – I believe that giving the UK any level of leeway on the question of the NI protocol would be grave mistake by the EU not just due to the rigid posture of the so called UK government in these talks but particularly due to the aggressive approach of UK negotiators. BREXIT Britain needs to come to terms not only with its current/realistic dimensioning influence as an economic / political power but also on how to deal with the EU and more importantly the importance of respecting international agreements and that in itself has nothing to do with BREXIT; just think of the number of re-negotiation cycles it took us to get us here. For the EU to come up with any form of counter proposal in this atmosphere would be a grave mistake in my opinion; agreements should begin to matter and reneging on them has to come at a price and that’s only common sense otherwise it is the EU that will ultimately pay the price if this is allowed to happen….again. If there any lessons to be learnt it is that in BREXIT Britain if you offer them a finger hostilities will most likely continue and they most certainly will turn to bite off your arm .  

Just a thought

Take Care, Stay Safe & Respect Others Safety

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