Gordon Brown is one of those world leaders with plenty in the way of political achievements during his tenure both as Chancellor of the Exchequer and as British Prime Minister. Here are some of his achievements;

  1. Taking leadership of dealing with the Global financial crisis of 2008 – not just at the national level but more importantly at the international level as well.
  2. Making the Bank of England independent
  3. His work in 2005 for an agreement to support the world’s poorest countries and deal with climate change
  4. His passion for global justice in his negotiation to cancel the debts of the world’s poorest nations and the tripling of the development budget.
  5. His passion/efforts involved in international negotiations to reach an agreement to replace the Kyoto Treaty during 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen
  6. His constant razor sharp focus/efforts in fighting money laundering/tax havens

Gordon Brown’s character/temperament and expertise is hard to match and in my opinion would have provided the safe hands for this country to manoeuvre current challenges including BREXIT, COVID-19, the Environment and the many foreign policy challenges we face today. How we as a nation have gone from Gordon Brown to Boris Johnson or Keir Starmer is a mystery impossible to comprehend. If the UK Labour party leadership had any remanence of wisdom they would re-instate Gordon Brown as leader of the party because with his vast experience/credentials he is the one that can really provide a pragmatic/alternate vision for the country worthy to be represented by the main opposition party in Britain. I suspect that this may well be a far fetched possibility – yet I feel that Gordon Brown has plenty to give in terms of expertise and vision and it would be a big waste for us all that he is denied a platform to share them and see them come to fruition. I feel that the EU could potentially provide such a platform for Gordon Brown – though I’m not entirely sure in what capacity – because simply put his views are quite compatible with those of the EU on a whole host of issues and the fact that he has solid credentials in dealing global challenges and the temperament/approach to make positive changes to the EU’s vision for the future. He is a globalist with a vision, integrity and a track record to support it and that’s what we really need right now.

Just a thought!



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