“BREXIT/Nationalists” Britain finally takes hold on our island in an effort to control migration and eliminate EU “interference” in British politics. Well guess what we’re actually holding the wrong end of the stick. Our sovereignty is more about Economic Power/Influence in the same way that Protecting our Industries secures us from vulnerability from external market and/or political forces or emergency crisis like the one we face today. Yet our happy go lucky politicians have for decades been quite ready-willing and able to allow core British brands/businesses and industries delivered on a silver plater to the highest foreign bidders or down the drain when they fail (auto, technology, travel, confectionary) just to name a few; even our media companies seem to be heading in the same direction. The EU didn’t do this to us, we did it to ourselves. Now with BREXIT & COVID-19 we are in the most vulnerable/precarious position we’ve ever been thanks to Nationalist/BREXIT Britain that the BREXIT clan sold us that may well be the last straw that drives the entire nation down the drain or sell what’s left of it to who’s ever quickest to supply cash just to keep us afloat with no control of our own destiny.

BREXIT my friends has nothing to do with Taking Back Control and everything to do with constantly/consistently Being Out of Control. Well, it’s our choice, right?

By the way any shellfish on the menu?

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Take Care, Stay Safe & Respect Others Safety

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