There seems to be plenty of great new initiatives coming out of the EU like the New European Bauhaus project an initiative for a European Green Deal focusing on renewable energies and biodiversity and more importantly one designed to be a grassroots driven movement. It also seems to me the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen has energized EU action on many of the challenges including that of BREXIT and dealing with COVID-19 pandemic among others; but more importantly she seems to championing a new pragmatic vision for the EU which is refreshing to see and something many have been calling for for years. So in that same spirit of the renewal of the EU let me suggest that the EU needs to become much more reflective of its own diversity not just in terms of rhetoric and action but more importantly in terms of its own composition. This is not a matter of merely projecting diversity but more importantly it provides a new/important dimension in both policy formulation and activation. Another critical benefit with this approach is that it helps gradually eliminate alt-right (an undercover white supremacist ideology) from our socio/political ecosystem so that the Europe can finally focus purely on all forms of development/innovation and facing up to other challenges of the future leaving behind narrow destructive ideologies of the past where they belong – in history books.

Hope this helps.

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