Finally some light in a deep tunnel of the U.S. Republican party. I came across Senator Ben Sasse of Minnesota during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings with a message/observations not heard before within the GOP – not that I’ve seen anway. It’s certainly someone that is making a lot of sense and more importantly headways in the Republican Party. Someone who seems to want to focus on getting the job done rather the bickering & insults that have found a home in the U.S Congress. Someone who has the confidence to stand up against Trump when he goes off the rails and seems to be seeking change in the Republican party. I also understand from a recent interview with him on CNN that he continues to mull the idea of going Independent because he feels change is becoming hard in the GOP. While I am no American but do follow American politics, and though I am hoping we see more Independents in Congress and here in the British Parliament with a stream (or flood) of the new generation taking back control from old/hardened politicians who have been the outcome of a largely broken political eco system let me suggest to you Senator just in case you’re listening – people like you are desperately needed in both the Republican Party as well as the Democratic party otherwise change in politics will become slow and ever more difficult – same applies to British parties. I would also suggest that the new generation across parties should in my view begin to mobilise, coordinate/collaborate to help set both the Agenda and the Tone towards a new approach in doing politics. We desperately need a new vision that moves away from the extreme politics of the day in favour of more centrist policies based on compromise and with primary focus on the good of the Country irrespective of party badges; this should become the new trend of 21st century politics pure and simple.  As I always say in difficult times we need to be creative because after all it’s your future that’s at stake.

Hope this helps.


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