The mess continues in what I call No. 10 Drowning Street and no one really knows who’s driving the country; a completely incompetent/immature child or a dysfunctional cabinet or a confused party scrambling for position not knowing what’s coming next. PintPal Johnson as the name I coined for the CHILD on my blog for quite a while even before the party revelations – did not disappoint because as I mentioned in previous blogs he’s probably the kind of guy you’d have a pint with in a pub, but dare you let him run the pub; now as luck would have it he’s running our country. But beyond the political theatrics going on right now the fundamental question I’ve raised time and again on this site – as well as many many other political commentators/analysts – and is still relevant which is this; how long do we as a country have to suffer ramification of accidental leaders who no one actually chose. The British system of governance is for all intents and purposes a non-Democratic system when electing leaders, not to mention the way the system is by design one that turns a blind eye towards political corruption in order to steady the “Party”ship. This coupled with the power of political lobbyists and unelected public servants as well as corruption/favouritism at the highest level translates anything but Democracy; in other words we the people aren’t actually ruling but being Rolled Over. So what’s the solution one can ask and here again I repeat myself; an overhaul of the political system is far overdue preferably with the help of an independent/unbiased body to help bring the system into the 21st century, otherwise its garbage-in-garbage-out I’m afraid and we’ll continue to be engaged in a process of putting out fires to maintain a system that does not in effect represent us but rather represents the rich and politically connected.

These are by no means inevitable conclusions but choices we make by whether or not we decide to face reality and take action to protect the future of proud nation that’s becoming less proud each passing day; or do we also turn a blind eye and keep cool.

Just a thought.

Time to Progress NOT Constantly Regress

Cause we’re swiftly reaching the Twilight Zone

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