In a recent statement by the President of the European Commission, Ursula van der Leyen she promised financial assistance to Ukraine. Here is my response I posted in Twitter and on LinkedIn;

The EU purse is NOT what is called for at this point and time and even suggesting it is making a very weak point. Now is about Military commitment to the sovereignty of Ukraine with action on the ground through a reciprocal approach to that of Russia of military assets being moved to the region; nothing else will do to avoid confusion because Putin is unilingual. EU are you listening??? 

It is truly sad to see such weak leadership in the EU and to a large extent in the United States where President Biden seems to be slow to react to Russian government actions whether or not they are purely designed for PR purposes,  as a bluff or merely for testing the waters. The west needs to STOP rolling over where aggressive Russian actions are involved such as the case with the annexation of Crimea. Unlike the Crimea situation however this conflict has been approaching in slow motion and yet we still see the west scrambling for position; kinda reminds me of mess during the NATO withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2021. Perceptions do matter and they may well be used to make a firm point that would likely avert conflict; but if conflict is necessary then no one should shy away from it.  

Just a thought!

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