Trumps visit to the Mexico border Wall today is precisely the right place for him to be because that’s the single thing in his sad/disgusting reign that he actually stands for so its befitting for him to take this trip to the Texas wall in the final days of his Presidency (maybe even build a shrine there as well); so thanks Trump for making our point. As to what he said in the statement prior to his departure; well I don’t really listen much to these because we know it’s all just more contaminated hot air. If there is one thing that we should learn from this premiership – as we’re also learning in Britain – it is this; never ever elect single issue leaders – or even multiple issue leaders – rather focus mainly on temperament and approach supported by a clear record in resolving issues otherwise this leadership style will likely be a pattern. Punch lines & fancy campaigns don’t actually solve much and in the final analysis we’re the ones actually responsible.

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Take Care, Stay Safe & Respect Others Safety

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