Now this is NOT intended to be a major point but it is certainly a valid one, to me anyway. While watching former CIA Director John Brennan on TV interviews lately I noticed he always refers to Trump as Mr. Trump NOT President Trump. Turns out I do the same when referring to Theresa May rather than through her official title. Now for Trump I personally just use “Trump” (or preferably “Covfefe” a title he gave himself and seems quite happy to own) and here’s a simple logic behind this naming convention and the point it drives;

Becoming a leader doesn’t automatically earn you legitimacy nor respect, these are things you have to work hard to achieve at least once your election honeymoon is over. 

As for Rudy Giuliani I would really struggle to come up with an appropriate title watching most of his interviews so far since becoming attorney to Covfefe and here’s a flavour that demonstrates why it’s so difficult to find an appropriate title for this genius mind – one that spins so quick it can actually injure you if you stand too close;

When the Truth is NOT Really True – a Play in One Act by Rudi Giuliani

That was a quick post (well by my standards anyway), are you glad it’s over? 🙂

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