The EU has all but turned down Theresa May appeal for a short extension until end of June while proposing an extension until December 2019 – I guess her “appeal” is wearing off where the EU is concerned. So in simple terms this latest humiliation translates to the fact that the EU – despite that multiple happy-go-lucky trips by Theresa May to the continent – have no confidence in her or her plans. Yet we, on our smallish/cuteish island continue giving her life lines – not out of trust – but rather out of desperation due to the lack of viable leadership contenders. In other words a political fix that we’ll eventually pick up the bill to cover. All this for what? The options cannot be clearer as I mentioned in numerous previous posts but the only thing that it is keeping us from resolving this nugget is the tribal/vial politics that is intent to do all possible to suppress a non-controversial People’s Vote on our options. The only way forward as I mentioned consistently in previous posts is that politics needs to be taken out of the mix completely and the people need to take charge by constant political/peaceful activism to pressure politicians into this course action – not as some suggest to reverse anything or help fall off a cliff – but to let Democracy work it’s magic. The longer we’re in limbo the longer/more painful will be our recovery process – pure and simple.

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