So let me get this straight; Mr. Francois – now that’s a nice French name just to get us started – wants the EU not to interfere with our Democracy by accepting our Government’s proposal – a Conservative government of his own party – to extend article 50, or else; which we’ll leave for later when we first try and get our head around this tangled web of political confusion. I for one know nothing about your political profile/credentials Mr. Francois and frankly researching this would be an entire waste of my time considering your genius arguments. My suggestion to you sir is that you get yourself a well respected politics tutor and begin with the basics of governance, and possibly consider adding some other reading materials on the topic of “logic” which “may” also achieve wonders cause I am a believer that with hard work miracles indeed happen.

Now this may seem funny, but I would truly advise that there some training & vetting process for people seeking to political positions not to mention security clearance which may well be in place. It is not only that they need to demonstrate comprehension/knowledge of political issues but it is equally important to have the right temperament, basic ethical standards and an understanding/appreciation of our political tradition in terms of it’s historic context.

As for the “or else” bit, let me just say to your good self and people like you that have a meeting of the “minds” – and I use the term quite loosely here – it is shocking, disgusting, sad… – that with the proud history of this country and it’s Democratic credentials – we seem to have taken all these for granted for decades and we can now see the results so vividly with people like your good self serving at one of the oldest parliaments in the world while our politics reversed course towards tribalism.

So in a nutshell, sad to see you in parliament and would be happy to see your good self and people like you out of this great institution because we deserve much better. The hope/expectation is that with a new stream of politicians coming to our rescue we move towards a parliament that truly reflects the political tradition/diversity of this country and does justice to it’s history and our core values as a nation.

PS: Please note that I’ve tagged this post as “Politics” but also as “Comedy” because in this instance it would difficult to make the case of the post relating to either subject matter exclusively.

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