Now here’s a thought about the Soft-Hard BREXIT saga; When we listen to people particularly politicians talking about the different kinds of BREXIT options available, I think to myself “available??”. The fact of the matter is – and we need to keep this in mind – that these are mere ideas that are open for negotiations. No one really knows the outcome until the end of these negotiations so to suggest we need to focus on supporting one option over another at this stage is simply feeding into false expectations like many of the promises of the Leave camp during the referendum. Going a step further let’s say for the sake of argument I voted for Leave based on terms of a hard BREXIT; what gives politicians the right to alter my vote even if they suggest that it is for the sake of a compromise – what compromise?; I would need to vote on that compromise – but wait even this compromise may produce results completely different during the negotiations. On the other hand some may be looking developments and concluding that leaving the EU is not worth it. What is crystal clear is that no one really knows the outcome of this process and feeding into this silly notion that we should support one form of BREXIT over another as a determinant factor of where we stand is ludicrous; the only logical solution for both camps is a 2nd referendum (not 3, 4, 5 as many in the Leave camp would like to imply the “Remoaner’s” would like – and yes I am a “Remoaner” by the way and proud of it) once the terms have been agreed and we know in factual terms what it will involve. We can of course prefer one option over another but the only determinant factor in how we view this should be at the end of the process through this 2nd referendum. If on the other hand terms set at the beginning of the negotiations are completely different from ones set forth during the referendum campaign BREXIT must end, pure and simple. In terms of relying on parliament in making this call on the terms agreed at the end of the negotiations in my view this is not right; we’ve started a democratic process through the voice of the people and it should complete again with the voice of the people heard once the facts are in. So at the end of the day whatever eggs we get served Hard or à la coque we need to have an opportunity to vote on it before we eat it

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PS. Seems to me that BREXIT politicians are at this from a purely ideological standpoint rather than the with the interest of the nation at heart-and Theresa May is NOT leading this but being led by the BREXIT bunch. They are willing to sprint towards the exit door irrespective of who they run over. This is NOT the way an issue/process that impacts the nation for generations should be conducted. Any doubts; here is an example of this xenophobic/nationalistic approach mastered by Trump & Inc. in the United States-key difference we’re NOT the United States and we are in actual fact in/part of Europe and we were one of the key founders/contributors to the EU project; as such we must NOT treat leaving the EU as it’s a walk in the park.

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