A new poll suggests that the majority of Britons now want a second referendum on the UK quitting the European Union (EU), this according to a new survey. 53% of people would back a vote on whether to accept the terms of the final Brexit deal, with 47% opposed, a Survation poll found.

But beyond this particular survey the question that begs an answer is this; what exactly is reasoning behind the government’s refusal to call for a second referendum on the terms of exit? Why is it considered a taboo subject? Here are the obvious reasons why it makes sense to have the 2nd referendum;

  1. A divisive referendum campaign that set many false expectations and reasoning behind the call to leave the EU including the financial and economic incentives.
  2. The vote to leave the EU must be validated by the the public against actual terms of exit NOT based on political rhetoric during the campaign.
  3. It is also critical to take into consideration evolving economic/political circumstances that may affect peoples perceptions about the benefits of exiting the EU (or remaining for that matter). This is particularly the case when effects of the decision are long lasting and certain ramifications do take time to manifest themselves.

So the question then becomes what is the disincentive for having a 2nd referendum? Would that be considered too much democracy for the British public to bear? The country is divided on this so why not make sure that you are doing all possible to reassure the public on both sides that you are indeed keen to drive a fair process for all sides of the debate? Why would a 2nd referendum NOT be a fair process for the Leave side? Is it expense related? Ramming a decision down the throat of people will NOT work and can on exacerbate the problem and the division in the country because of possible fear in loosing the “mandate”.

Finally let me urge all party members left, right and centre to re-evaluate their decision on a 2nd referendum. This is NOT a  party politics matter but something that will affect this country for generations to come. Whether you voted for Leave or Remain, make a stand to give the British people the final decision on this issue and be on the right side of history.

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