More BREXIT headlines/headaches that continue to demonstrate the utter mess we seem to be heading towards. My real worry is that we’re getting numb with continued flow of this negative news about the impact of BREXIT until suddenly we wake up when we hit the iceberg and it’s all much too late to reverse course. Now this is a nugget I may choose to update with more thoughts on these topics but here are the new stories making headlines/brief comments;

UK democracy under threat and need for reform is urgent, says regulator

Now to be honest this is really old news, something I’ve been posting about in numerous blogs – if you’d care to search the site using the term “brexit” – not because I am a genius but rather because it’s common sense considering what we know so far in terms of how the BREXIT campaign was rigged by both foreign influence & the funding of powerful/xenophobic national ideologues. The staggering thing to me is that the clan running the country continues the business as usual BREXIT path with the unparalleled hypocrisy in suggesting that it is to protect the choice of the British people – really, how sweet! I would understand playing that card had this information been kept under wraps but making this point when know full well how the BREXIT campaign was rigged, is kind of a joke – right “Jokers”.

Here is the thing – again something I eluded to in previous posts – we need to STOP thinking about BREXIT for the moment and instead see how we are abusing “Democracy” in a way that will eventually turn out to be an own goal. As for the Electoral Commission thanks for the alert but what do you actual advise about a rigged Referendum; do we move on or do we fix it?

Brexit: Car investment slumps as ‘uncertainty bites’

The negative economic forecasts that we keep hearing about is NOT about BREXIT uncertainty, rather it’s about complete certainty of the BREXIT path we’re following and where it will lead us, and we’re only scratching the surface of what we know to be true; consider if you will the real uncertainties of the impact of BREXIT both economic and political; and for what that cannot be resolved within the EU? I continue to believe now more than ever before that the future of the UK is in the EU but what I believe is unimportant; what is important is protecting our Democracy of mob politics and allowing the people to make their choice freely and fairly for the sake and with the strong voice of the new generation on all sides of the debate; it is their future after all that we’re discussing. More importantly let’s NOT follow the Trump path but a true Democratic path one that reflects the many challenges of a changing world and it’s affect on us at home.

Remember this; The British Empire is no more – I know some may have missed it – and Britain needs to make a living through Progressive/Pragmatic Policy consistent with this day/age NOT Regressive Good Old Politics

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