Jeremy Hunt finally breaks his silence and talks about the inappropriateness of the statement by Airbus warning of BREXIT uncertainty. Now Mr. Hunt for you and your government to talk about what is/isn’t appropriate is a tad rich. Although I do not like rehashing my views I’ve made clear in previous posts let me instead focus on 3 points as a teaser;

  1. How appropriate is it for your boss to trigger article 50 with no realistic plan/vision the consequences of which is clear for all to see?
  2. How appropriate is it for the British government to be run like a mob while using the Referendum as a sting hit-and-run operation rather than trying to unite the country under a common/realistic vision forward – especially considering how the Conservatives have been humbled in the last parliamentary elections?
  3. And finally how appropriate is it to passify the British Parliament in having proper oversight by allowing it to have a final say on a BREXIT deal.

Now I have to admit I do not really know how you got the job of running such an important organisation like the NHS – hell I don’t know how on earth your boss got the job of running the country; but ignoring that for a minute let me suggest to your good self that English is a rich language and I am sure you can start using more meaningful/“appropriate” terms rather than lecturing us as if you/your clan hold the moral high ground. The reality is that you do NOT want the British people to hear about the major risks that we are facing with BREXIT because your definition of a smooth BREXIT is just reaching the exit doors – beyond that there is no realistic plan to deal with the consequences; the exact/same methodology used in triggering article 50. But let me suggest to – your good self – that reaching the BREXIT doors is NOT the end of your problems but rather it will be the very beginning – the point at which reality strikes and accountability kicks in and what a kick it will be.


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