Today we continue to see/hear “clan” ministers continue to put a brave face when talking BREXIT to European partners/allies. This is a brief commentary on their silly statements because really it merits no further effort for any detailed response because they’re in a fix and it’s common news, so here are the Champions in no particular order;

  1. Champion (1) – Dominic Raab: Mr. Raab suggests “UK won’t Trigger battle with Brussels after no-deal Brexit”. Now that’s an amusing one cause here’s the complete unedited translation of this statement the way I see it; The British clan having Triggered article 50 without a plan which is likely to cause a No-Deal BREXIT will have the courtesy NOT to Trigger a trade war with the Brussels due to their own incompetence; now that’s kind of rich, don’t you think – try? I can just imagine Michel Barnier thinking to himself with his beautiful French accent something along the lines of; Oh là là là Monsieur Raab, you r so, aw should I culit….sweet, so sweet, vraiment!
  2. Champion (2) – Jeremy Hunt: Mr. Hunt, the Lucky One, warns the Netherlands that parting from the EU on unfriendly terms would be “a huge Geostrategic mistake, in a period where the world is increasingly unstable”. Mmmm…“Geostrategic Mistake”, now that’s a BIG WORD for a fella like you, but at least you’ve got the context right. However some would also argue that’s this statement is also a bit rich coming from a clan that championed the call to jump ship at any cost. And by the way now that we’ve established you know a thing or 2 about the unstable world we live in, what exactly is the – be careful that big word is coming at ya“Geostrategic” benefit of existing the EU at this particular stage? Please give us a lesson in your “BREXIT Geostrategy” in this context; you can do it on TV, online, live in public though I suspect you’ll end up ignoring it or perhaps using it in a pub chat.

Oh yes, we’re looking Pretty Awesome indeed; have a cup of tea!

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