We read with amusement today titles like; 

  • Jeremy Hunt calls for fresh EU sanctions against Russia
  • Jeremy Hunt wants ‘malign’ Russia to face tougher sanctions

Really exciting stuff, but then again it’s quite remarkable that you call for firm action against Russia when we all know now for a fact the you are reaping the benefits of their interference in the Referendum; this is truly ungrateful and – as you & your clan likes to repeat – wholly “Inappropriate”. I know it sounds all good to distance yourselves from Russia; similar to Covfefe imposing sanctions on them but realities can’t be distorted, well not to that level anyway. And to make it worse, instead of just attempting to correct the record & seek an inclusive process, nope your clan just carry one with their plans – with Russia’s full support/backing of course and following a Kremlin playbook – despite loosing majority in Parliament in last elections. So please stop trying to look firm/decisive – when the reality tells us there is not one firm bone in the spine of this government, and equally important tells the EU your complete/accurate prognosis. But as I continue to emphasis in most posts, the question of “Accountability” should be first & foremost on your minds – that is your collective minds, this in order to power the battery of your thoughts.

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Jeremy Hunt wants ‘malign’ Russia to face tougher sanctions

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